We put dozens of gloves to the test, we found the features that make a difference and created a durable, resistant and performant model. At Protek, we put in experience and technology, now let the field speak for itself.


Whether you are a professional goalkeeper or a Sunday league enthusiast, our gloves have been designed to meet the needs of everyone. That’s why they are the ideal choice for those who want reliable and durable performance without breaking the bank.

Mizuno Reach Beyond: World Champions

reach beyond
World Champions


Againts all odds.
Mizuno is with those who look beyond, with those who set a goal and put all their efforts into it, because they know that the secret to winning is to become champions in training. Just like the World Champions and Mizuno athletes: Gianluca Galassi, Yuri Romanò, Francesco Recine and Leonardo Scanferla. Preparation, reactivity, stability are the essential elements to achieve success, together with the Mizuno Volleyball shoes designed exclusively for volleyball players looking for the best performance on the pitch.




204 – OnSports feat. La Giornata Tipo x Reale Mutua


On the occasion of the men’s Serie A2 promotion playoff match against Reggio Emilia, Reale Mutua Basket Torino launched a fundraising initiative: #BTogheterforUkraine

let’s the pitch do the talking

We like the numbers to tell the quality of our work

«We decided to put our face to it, changing the element that distinguishes us in all the fields of Italy for a match: our uniform. We have changed the colors, replacing the classic “blue” with the blue of the Ukrainian flag; the yellow was already there, as if to suggest a wedding that had to be done. We have added to the skyline of Turin that of Kiev, reflected, to symbolize the proximity of our city – which has always been generous with those who need it most – to the capital ».

The t-shirt was donated, in the interval of the match, to old glories of Basket Torino; including Meo Sacchetti, coach of the Italian national team.


clicks on the purchase link


To maximize the result of the online sale of the t-shirt, as OnSports we have involved the most followed Italian community dedicated to basketball: La Giornata Tipo. With their presence at the event and the publication of content in real time, the initiative has reached a national reach: over 460k impressions and 2k clicks on the purchase link.

The proceeds from the online sale of the t-shirts were destined to Ukrainian children with cancer at the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin.

151 OnSports x Credem – Extra-Ordinary

The difference is just a little… extra

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little… “extra”.
Credem Banca wants to celebrate this spirit by telling stories of “extra-ordinary” volleyball players around Italy.

Extra-ordinary is a social responsibility project, written by OnSports and Problemi di Volley and strongly supported by Credem Banca. With our van, we traveled around Italy to meet “extra-ordinary” volleyball players, tell their stories, and surprise them thanks to the participation of professional athletes of the caliber of Alberto Cisolla, Cristina Chirichella, Matteo Piano and others. Credem Banca then donated equipment, clothing and volleyballs to help these incredible lads carry out their dreams.


Video Making: Nello Giordano

Sound: Gabriele Cardullo

Photography: Lorenzo Morandi 

Creative Director: Matteo Sciascia 

Social Media Specialist: Tommaso Dotta 

Written by: Tania Loschi 

Client Manager: Nicole Galimberti


100 OnSports x Mizuno – Reach Beyond

Valentina Zago
reach beyond


Reach Beyond is a state of mind. Is the way you as an athlete raise the bar of your performance. In Japan, this attitude is called Kai Zen, which means “constant improvement”, and in Mizuno they take this very seriously.
That’s why Mizuno asked us to create a series of content that tells how a professional player constantly takes its game to the next level.


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