Get your brand to MotoGp. We'll do the rest.


Fastback and OnSports combine their expertise to provide the best experience of sponsorship and marketing activation in the MotoGP world.









Unleash the power of Sports Marketing in MotoGP


FastBack and OnSports exist to help brands to find the best strategies to connect with an audience through motorsport.





If you have an official MotoGP sponsorship, we can help you make the most of it.  Sweating every single asset.



OnSports help brands unlock the power of sports marketing in MotoGP thanks to powerful digital marketing strategies. 

Your brand in MotoGP

FastBack is the first and only team existing professionals engaged in sports marketing in the MotoGP world.


The link between your brand and MotoGP


FastBack Sports Marketing is a company founded in 1990 and its activity is focused on the marketing of motorcycle world competitions. It represents the perfect partner for companies who like to increase their visibility and create new business connections.



Fabio Barchitta - founder & CEO - has always been in the world of motorcycling, first as a rider in the premier class and later as a manager of important companies such as Honda Racing Corporation, Aprilia Racing, Suter Racing Technology. 





Earn global awareness. Become familiar to millions. Putting your brand on the bike, rider, team or circuit. 




Get exclusive rights to create your most successful campaign ever. Plan your unique photo shooting with MotoGP personalities and use it to promote your brand through TV, press and web platforms. 


Business Development


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Corporate Hospitality


Reward your partners, treat your top clients or your best employees. Reward them with free pass paddock entrance and let them live a Grand Prix like a VIP.


We are your marketing accelerator in MotoGP


OnSports provides a full integrated sports marketing service for brands investing in MotoGP.


Get your brand to MotoGP: we’ll do the rest.


As a sports marketing activation agency, our specialist activation team is passionate about experiential campaigns that communicate everything that your brand stands for.

What’s your goal? Whether it is to drive brand awareness, reach a new audience, position yourself as the leader in your field or inspire behavioural change, we build and execute activation plans that meet your objectives, communicate your core message and create brand advocates.





 OnSports provides a full integrated sports marketing service for brands investing in MotoGP.



Digital Marketing


We design and implement strategies to ensure success online.


Integrated Campaigns


We build digital campaigns based on great emotional impact, tangible and measurable results.

Paid Social Media


OnSports is the specialist for finely targeted paid social media campaigns.


Sponsorship Activation


OnSports is a link between brands that want to invest in the world of motorsport and the realities that live it.

Talent & Communities


We are in contact with atheletes, influencers personalities of each motorsport.

PR & Press Office


Our professional journalists are here for you to maximize the visiiblity of each campaign.

Unleash the power of Sports Marketing in MotoGP


We live in a world where you expect more bang for your buck.

FastBack and OnSports are about unlocking more value